Board of Selectmen Minutes February 3, 2020

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PRESENT: B. Scott Kuhnly, Glenn Ballard, Sally King, Mark Neumann, Edward Ohannessian, John D. Ward, Town Manager; and Student Liaison Jillian Thrall


ON A MOTION by Neumann seconded by King, the board voted 3-0-2, (abstention Ballard and Ohannessian) to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of Jan. 21, 2020.

ON A MOTION by Neumann, seconded by King, the board voted 3-0-2, (abstention Ballard and Ohannessian) to approve the minutes of the Three Board Meeting of Jan. 21, 2020.

Unfinished Or Tabled Business

Ward reported Abby Kenyon could not be here this evening, so he tabled this item to the next meeting.

ON A MOTION by King, seconded by Neumann, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to table this item to the next meeting.


Resignations and Appointments to be Considered

No resignations were received. Vacancies: Conservation Commission (1); Capital Program Priority Advisory Committee (1)

ON A MOTION by Neumann, seconded by King, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to accept the following reappointments:

Commission on Aging: Donna Snyder (U), for a two-year term through Jan. 10, 2022.

Inland-Wetlands: Fred Jones (R), and Jason Lachance (R), for a four-year term through Jan. 8, 2024.

Park and Recreation: Kevin Hobson (R), for a two-year term through Jan. 10, 2022.

ON A MOTION BY Neumann, seconded by King, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to accept the following appointment:

Commission on Aging: Jennifer Jalbert (R), 10 Sunny Heights, for a two-year term through Jan. 10, 2022.

Introduction of New Building Official/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Ward introduced the new Building Official/Zoning Enforcement Officer Jim Koplar. Koplar previously worked as the Building Official in East Granby and has been in the field for over 30 years, working in Avon, Windsor and Burlington. A man of many talents, he has restored his own home, he is a musician, as well as an avid fisherman. Koplar stated he is looking forward to working in Granby.

Consideration of Fire Marshall Office Grant Awards

Fire Marshall Harold Holmes applied for and obtained two grant awards. The first one is for $470 from Connecticut Fair Plan to purchase a digital camera to be used for fire inspections. The second grant award is for $2,429 from Factory Mutual Global to purchase smoke detectors to distribute to residents in need. He will work with Social Services and the Senior Center to identify individuals who are in particular of need of having the detectors. The checks were received and deposited in the General Fund. Board approval is needed to spend the money as it was not authorized within the town budget.

ON A MOTION by Ohannessian, seconded by King, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to approve the increase of a line item under Fire Prevention Department in the amount of $2,899 so the town may spend the grant funds.

Consideration of Regional Performance Incentive Program Grant Opportunity

The goal of the Regional Performance Incentive Program is to encourage municipalities to participate in voluntary inter-municipal or regional shared service projects. The Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) policy board passed a resolution to apply for Regional Performance Incentive Grants program. The approved projects are:

• CRCOG Region-Wide Planimetric Data

• School-Municipal Back Office Consolidation Cost Benefit Analysis and Implementation Plan(s)

• Transit-Oriented Development Marketing and Deal Structuring Assistance

• East Granby, Windsor, Windsor Locks, and Suffield Economic Development Consultant

Ward reviewed the projects and indicated that although Granby would only be interested in two of them, it would support all four as it strengthens the applications. Granby is asked to pass a resolution by February in order to be eligible for the grants.

ON A MOTION by King, seconded by Neumann, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to adopt the resolution below:

Whereas Section 4-124s as amended by Section 251 and 253 of Public Act 13-247 passed by the Connecticut General Assembly provides statewide incentive grants to regional planning organizations for projects that involve shared services; and

Whereas the Capitol Region Council of Governments is acting as a convener and facilitator of service sharing projects around the CRCOG region; and

Whereas on Dec. 18, 2019 the Policy Board of CRCOG passed resolutions authorizing development and submittal of an application package to the State Office of Policy and Management for funding under the Regional Performance Incentive Grant Program, on behalf of the Council’s member municipalities, and municipalities of other regions, which are participating in Council initiatives; and

Whereas, the Chief Elected Officials and municipal staff of the Capitol Region have developed a list of service sharing project proposals that will be included in this application package, to the benefit of individual municipalities and the region as a whole; and

Whereas the Town of Granby has expressed an interest in taking part in the project proposal(s) entitled and/or endorses the following:

1. CRCOG Region-Wide Planimetric Data

2. School-Municipal Back Office Consolidation Cost Benefit Analyses and Implementation Plans

3. TOD Marketing and Deal Structuring Assistance

4. East Granby, Windsor Locks, and Suffield Economic Development Consultant

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved that the Granby Board of Selectmen does hereby endorse the above referenced Regional Performance Incentive Program project proposal and authorizes the Town Manager to sign all necessary agreements and take all necessary actions to allow for the Town’s participation in this program.

Consideration of Establishing a New IBAC Committee

There have been discussions about re-establishing the Intra-Board Advisory Committee to research matters of common interest in an attempt to promote efficiencies by working together. Ideas that have been brought forward are: consolidate I.T. with the Board of Education (BOE) and the Town of Granby, solar projects, and the Finance Departments between the two boards. Kuhnly has discussed this with BOE Chairman Melissa Migliaccio. She is on board with this, as well as the BOS, to reconvene this committee.

Ward has met with the Solar Committee and they are interested in exploring more solar project ideas.

ON A MOTION by King, seconded by Neumann, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to establish a new Intra-Board Advisory Committee with the previous BOS members.

The committee would be charged as follows:

• To explore opportunities and methods to improve town and school district services.

• The committee membership would consist of seven members. One member each shall be appointed by the chairman of the boards of Selectmen, Education, and Finance. The First Selectman and the chairman of the Board of Education shall serve as ex-officio members. The Town Manager and Superintendent of Schools shall serve as ex-officio non-voting members.

• Meetings would convene on the call of the First Selectman in conjunction with the Board of Education Chairman.

• Committee findings and any recommendations shall be reviewed by the represented boards and be presented for discussion at a Three Board Meeting. A formal report documenting findings and recommendations would be subsequently submitted to the Board of Selectmen.

Consideration of Developments in the Area of Municipal Solid Waste

John Adams, board member of the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) addressed the BOS with background information of MIRA and its predecessor, Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA). MIRA is currently facing financial pressures. The Hartford Trash to Energy facility is 30 years old and in need of repair. It receives millions of dollars due to being a back-up source of energy in high demand seasons. Initially, MIRA generated significant revenue from the sale of electricity. The decline of the purchase price of electricity has significantly reduced MIRA’s revenue. MIRA also received money in the past for selling recyclables. Recycling has been declining and MIRA is no longer receiving money for recycling. But for a strong contract, MIRA would have to pay for a contractor to remove recycling, who is paying $70 per ton to dispose of the recycling.

Granby has previously entered into a multi-year service contract with MIRA. First, they are now asking for member towns to execute a non-binding statement of interest. Second, MIRA will be requesting interested municipalities to legally commit to a thirty-year agreement. If Granby does not agree to this commitment, it will have to find another site that would accept Granby’s solid waste. This is possible but the cost is uncertain.

After some discussion amongst the board and Adams, it was decided to table this decision to the next meeting. In the meantime, Ward will make some phone calls to see what other local towns are doing, their costs, etc.

ON A MOTION by Kuhnly, seconded by King, the board voted unanimously (5-0-0) to table the decision to the next meeting so more information can be gathered from other towns.

Town Manager Reports

Ward reported the Grand List has been filed for 2019. There was an increase of 1.18 percent in real estate, 2.73 percent increase in motor vehicles, and 15.52 percent increase in personal property. A total increase for the 2019 Grand List +1.71 percent

The Governor was scheduled to release the budget on Wednesday but that didn’t happen. The legislature was supposed to go to special session for bonding issues, that didn’t happen either.

Ward suggested it would be advantageous for the Selectmen to take a tour of Kearns School to see just what they are dealing with. Selectmen were asked to get back to the Town Manager as to when would be a good time for them to schedule a tour.

Respectfully submitted,

John D. Ward, Town Manager