High turnout for Nov. 5 municipal elections

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Enthusiastic candidates and hardworking supporters motivated many new voters to the polls on Nov. 5. Detailed results for the election were available on the Secretary of State’s website within hours of the close of polls. With a 5 percent higher turnout than in 2017, 3,203 voters cast their ballots. A total of 7818 voters are currently registered in Granby, representing a 40.97 percent turn out. 

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of a well-trained poll worker staff of Granby residents and the superb cooperation of both the staff of the Granby Memorial High School and Town of Granby Public Works Department, the election ran smoothly with a  steady day of voting.

First Selectman – 2 yr. term, B. Scott Kuhnly

Board of Selectmen – 2 yr. terms, Glenn G. Ballard, Sally S. King, Edward E. Ohannessian and Mark Neumann

Board Of Finance – 4 yr. terms, William Kennedy, Kelly O. Rome and Michael B. Guarco, Jr.

Board of Finance – 2 yr. term, James Tsaptsinos – Republican

Board Of Education – 4 yr. terms, Jenny Emery, Rosemarie Weber, David Peling and Mark Fiorentino

Board Of Assessment Appeals – 4 yr. term, Lowell C. Johnson

Planning and Zoning Commission – 4 yr. terms, Christine L. Chinni, Mark Lockwood, Brennan Sheahan and Jonathan Boardman

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate – 4 yr. term, Paula H. Johnson

Zoning Board Of Appeals – 4 yr. terms, Suzanne Yucha, Steve Muller and Ann Crimmins

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates – 4 yr. term, David Hennessey

Town Moderator – 2 yr. term, John E. Adams