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I am writing to let you know that I’ll be retiring as your Building Official in January. As I’m writing this before Thanksgiving I’ve been counting my blessings and thinking about how lucky I’ve been to have landed here in Granby for the last 12 years. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have a number of people that I want to acknowledge. First of all is Anne Winsor, administrative assistant extraordinaire, who keeps our office humming each day. It’s also been a pleasure to work with Granby’s new Director of Community Development, Abby Kenyon, for the past two years. It was an honor to work with the former director Fran Armentano for over 10 years. A special thank you to former Town Manager Bill Smith who gave me the opportunity to work here in the first place. It’s been a distinct pleasure to work with so many talented and dedicated town employees in every department.

When I came to Granby I had to fill the big shoes of Henry Miga. Henry is one of the best building officials I know and is still a valued colleague and friend. Both Henry and East Granby Building Official Jim Koplar have been like brothers to me and we have always been sounding boards and resources for each other when we would forget just what section of the Building Code we were looking for. I will reveal a professional secret here. The State Building Code now weighs in at about eight pounds and most of us haven’t memorized every sentence. Plus they change the darned thing every two or three years.

I want to recognize all of the contractors and tradespeople I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Every day I’ve marveled at your talent, ingenuity, and creativity. You’ve given me a lot of good ideas I’ve incorporated in my own home. Thank you for your friendship and cooperation.

As I look back at 32 years as a building inspector I’m continually amazed at the changes that have taken place in the construction industry. New technologies, techniques and products have changed the landscape of how we build every day. Materials that were new and cutting edge when I started in this field are now commonplace. I’ve had a great time working with homeowners who have tackled their own projects. Perhaps the best part of my job was the chance to learn something new every day.

Thank you all for the opportunity to work with you and for you for the last 12 years. Granby is the best place I’ve ever worked, and I’ve enjoyed every day of it.