A look back: The first issue of the Granby Drummer

Once the high school building project was settled, the newly formed Citizens for a Better Granby started work on the first edition of The Granby Drummer. For the first time since its adoption, the town charter was being revised by a BOS-appointed commission and was scheduled for a referendum in November of 1970.

Women’s Breakfast

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, the Granby Women’s Breakfast group will welcome Heather Styckiewicz from Manchester Community College who will present “Oh Captain, My Captain,” A Tribute to Robin Williams.

Men’s Breakfast

Join us Friday, Oct. 11, at the Granby Senior Center. October’s presenter will be Abigail St. Peter Kenyon, Granby’s director of community development.

Civic Club 1913–2019

The Granby Civic club will meet on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. at the Granby Senior Center. It is the annual membership meeting when the members renew commitment and welcome new members.