Africa Education Partnership welcomes Nigerian partners

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Bishop Markus and Mrs. Nana Dogo, Kafanchan, Nigeria. Submitted photo

Africa Education Partnership (AEP), a 501(C)3 organization, welcomes Bishop Markus and Mrs. Nana Dogo to speak at the Gathering Room, Park House, Salmon Brook Park, on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 7—9 p.m. There will be a slide presentation describing the work done to improve schools in the Kafanchan area as well as reflection on the realities of life in a developing third world country. Both are dynamic speakers; the event should prove to be very special.

The pair will be introduced by Elaine Chagnon, retired Granby teacher and member of the AEP board. Chagnon met Bishop Markus on several previous trips to Nigeria; however, it was her trip in October 2018 that cemented the partnership with AEP to support the work needed to renovate schools at five different sites. Returning in May, Chagnon spent two weeks living with the Dogos while visiting the schools and interacting with teachers and students. Her report to the AEP board has fueled its desire to continue financial support as directed by its partners.

Join us for an eye-opening night of information. While event is free to the public, it may not be suitable for very young children.