Board of Selectmen Public Hearing June 17, 2019

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The public hearing of the Board of Selectmen was called to order by First Selectman B. Scott Kuhnly at 6:45 p.m.

Present: B. Scott Kuhnly, Sally King, Mark Neumann, and Edward Ohannessian

First Selectman Kuhnly opened the public hearing and stated the purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment regarding the approval of proposals for the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit Program.

Kuhnly gave a synopsis of the program starting with the programs that qualify for the tax credit, the role of the municipal liaison and the role of the Selectmen. The applicant must first complete the three-part application and submit it to the municipal liaison, Sandra Yost, who in turn submits it to the Board of Selectmen. It is then reviewed at a public hearing and considered by the Board of Selectmen. The application is then submitted to the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services for approval.

First Selectman Kuhnly stated one application was received from Foxfield F.A.R.M., William Regan and Susan Patricelli Regan, 62 Hungary Road. William Regan provided additional information about the program. They have served 24 veterans over the last few years with equine therapy. He stated it has been proven to help those with anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The scholarships for veterans are for a six-week program, one day a week for two hours. The program has been very successful.

No other public addressed the public hearing.