Support for Kearns Community Center

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I know there are many people who are excited to watch the Kearns Community Center bloom into a magnet for resources and opportunities for all ages and cultures. I am one of them.

As a resident of Granby and Simsbury for 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible need for resources of all kinds especially in our aging and special needs population. A medical equipment closet if you should need to borrow an otherwise expensive item while you recover. A place for the kids to learn and explore. A place for veterans to gather and have a liaison that can assist them with much needed physical and psychological resources. Senior citizens socialization groups. A safe place for those with dementia to offer not only companionship, but also as respite care for their loved ones. Quiet rooms for reflection. Young adults learning how to cook, gathering in a safe space to learn and socialize. A hands-on woodworking and machine shop area to learn a great hobbies. Professional people such as lawyers and business experts willing to volunteer time to those who need assistance on an array of subjects that would take way too long to put in this simple letter.

The opportunities for this space are endless. I myself envision a place for small business artisans to display their goods. Several other ideas have been brought to the committee’s attention and will be reviewed. Its attention to every detail is carefully thought out, making it accessible to handicapped individuals and safety is top priority. The committee wants to hear your ideas. It welcomes your input, be it an idea or a concern.

Yes, this is a long, arduous task. But it will be an unbelievable asset to everyone in our surrounding neighbors. The committee’s commitment, compassion and dedication is palpable. Even more important is that they are planning this center to be self-supporting and that will save the town many thousands in property taxes alone.

This is a win-win for our community. I urge you all to take a look at the plan, accessible on the Kearns Community Center Facebook page.