OpEd: CT Valley Views wants your viewpoint on Granby’s future

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Granby has a severe case of apathy. I say this because voter turnout for the FY19-20 budget referendum was 1,052 out of a potential 7,700 registered voters; 529 voted “yes” and 523 voted “no” with the budget only passing by six votes. Really, folks – does this mean you just don’t care about voting or you think that there is no point in doing so because “speaking with your feet” has no more potential for making a difference than speaking publicly at various Town Board meetings?

If we continue in this manner, we will become the next Connecticut municipal economic implosion. Continue to read/write to the Drummer, attend meetings, question the Charter and recommend updates to it (which comes every 10 years and the next opportunity will be in 2022). Persist in what matters to you.

Toward that end CT Valley Views would like to hear from you about what changes you would like to see in the management of this town, comments and issues—anything from use of RoundUp®, to our mill rate) email to ctvalleyviews@cox.net.

CT Valley Views hopes to have participation in interviews/debates during the upcoming 2019 municipal elections at ctvalleyviews.com

Susan Patricelli Regan is the Host of CT Valley Views TV, Program ctvalleyviews.com, President of Foxfield F.A.R.M. Foundation foxfieldcoverymission.org, Founder of the Sylvia Davis Fine ArtsScholarship sylviadavisart.com and former VP Marketing and CommunityTrade Relations for DIAGEO N.A.