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Municipal Election

The municipal ballot for Nov. 5 will contain openings for many different boards and offices, and over 20 candidates are expected to run for both Board of Selectman and Board of Education seats. In July, both Democrats and Republicans will hold town caucuses to determine party nominations for the Nov. 5 ballot. If either party has a contested nomination for any of the positions at its caucus, the candidates not chosen will have the option to petition for a primary. Candidates, who gather enough eligible signatures by Aug. 7 at 4 p.m., can primary for their party’s nomination on Sept. 10.

Political party affiliation is often confusing to new voters. In Connecticut, only members of a major political party can participate in their caucuses or primaries. There is no waiting period to join a party if you are unaffiliated, or to become unaffiliated if you are a member of a party. However, there is a three-month waiting period should you choose to switch political parties. This is tracked by the state’s computerized voter registration system. Membership in a political party is free and carries no obligations. All voters can vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of party affiliation, during elections. Our next local primary, if needed, will be held on Sept. 10.  June 10 is the deadline to switch political parties to participate. You can choose to be a member of any political party that exists, but only five parties are currently tracked in Granby. Totals as of April 13 are: 2,104 Democrats, 8 Greens, 13 Libertarians, 81 Independents, 2,441 Republicans and 2,925 Unaffiliated.

Absentee Ballots are handled through the Town Clerk’s office. For primaries and the general November election, send in an application for an absentee ballot at least one month before and mail it back immediately after you receive your ballot.

Calendar Review

Absentee Ballot Applications are being collected now by the Town Clerk for those who know they will be away from home on Nov. 5. The form is available at Town Hall or at 

June 10 is the deadline to switch parties in order to vote in the September municipal primary, if needed. 

July 16–23 are the possible dates for the Democrat and Republican town committees to hold their caucuses. Check the Granby Democrat and Republican websites for date, place and time. Only party members with voting privilege are eligible to vote in these caucuses.

July 24 is the deadline for the Town Committee to file the Certificate of Endorsement with the Town Clerk.

Sept. 10, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., is the potential local primary date, if needed.

Poll workers are needed

The Registrar’s office is compiling an email list of poll workers. Poll workers can be volunteers or paid. Volunteer poll workers must be at least 16 years old and can choose to volunteer for a few hours, as desired, to fit their schedules. If you would like to be added to the list or if you did not receive the poll worker information e-letter, please contact the registrars at their new e-addresses: and Poll worker training will be done in August if there is a municipal primary on Sep. 10 and again in October for the Nov. 5 election. Poll worker training is required to serve; for more information or to apply please contact the registrars at and 

Voter registration is a public record, and it is easy to confirm your voter registration 24/7. From the Town of Granby website click the link to the Secretary of the State’s website’s online voter registration look-up tool:  

There is also a link to Online Voter Registration, available 24/7, to enroll, or to make name, party or address changes to an existing voter registration: 

Posted office hours for the registrars’ office are Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Paper voter registration forms are also available at town halls, libraries, DMV offices and online at the Secretary of State’s website: 

Questions?  Please feel free to contact the registrars, Laura Wolfe and Mary Zlotnick, at office phone number/voice mail 860-844-5322 or and