Hungry Hearts raises funds for community dinner in enchanted garden

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Waste Not Want Not celebrated its tenth anniversary at the Hungry Hearts Fundraiser on March 23. Saint Therese Parish Hall was transformed with this year’s Enchanted Garden theme, with gnomes, fairies, mushrooms, and lush green and flowering plants everywhere. The citrus trees in full blossom added a tropical scent that was almost intoxicating. It takes many skills and talents to create such an event and it was a perfect way to bring people together, all working for a good cause.

Especially exciting was to have so many young people present—middle and high school students and youth from several local churches volunteered to help set up, decorate, serve food, clear tables, wash dishes, etc. 

The food was spectacular, featuring plum stuffed pork with apple cider-citrus gravy. The raffle and auction are always highly anticipated, with paintings and photographs from wonderfully talented artists, handmade birdhouses and gift certificates for everything available in Granby. Thank you to all the businesses in town that give so generously and often to support our mission.

Waste Not Want Not Community Kitchen has served meals for 10 years on Wednesdays at South Church. Valley Brook Community Church has supported each month for those 10 years, as well as Saint Therese. Many of the volunteers also celebrated a tenth anniversary. We are so blessed to be able to meet so many of the needs of our community in such a gracious way.

Hungry Hearts are filled at every Wednesday meal—but also every time a supportive or kind deed is performed. Thank you everyone and thank you for every gift and kindness that helped make this event such a huge success again.