Hang-A-Quilt Day is June 22

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Farmington Valley Quilters is sponsoring Hang-A-Quilt Day on Saturday, June 22, with a rain date of June 23. The goal is to have the largest outdoor quilt show in the country. All quilters and quilt owners are asked to hang a quilt outside on June 22. It can be on a building, over a fence or railing, on a tree or bush, over a chair or any creative way to display your quilt. Hang a quilt inside your business if it is open Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to join in.

There is no fee or registration, just a love of quilts. If you’d like to tell your neighbors why you have your quilt outside, a sign to print out can be found at fvquilters.org under CT Hang-A-Quilt Day. Post a photograph of your quilt at #CTHangAQuiltDay.

Susan Elliott, president of Farmington Valley Quilters, said “Let’s make Connecticut fun and do our part in making a brighter, art filled world!”