Chance meeting

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Photo courtesy of Rick Berry

Granby transplants Tom Mulcahy, Dave Hughes, Bob Jones and Rick Berry.

Our morning routine, not unlike anyone else’s, is watching some news and an occasional scanning of the local Sarasota Herald Tribune, Kelly catching up on happenings in the Siesta Key, Fla. area and me checking local golf scores from the previous day. Certainly, we’re not expecting a familiar name to pop up. This one morning was different. The name Pam Mulcahy appeared.

That was enough to start my search for old Granby friends, Tom and Pam, an easy process as I had scheduled a game the next morning at the course listed in the paper, Calusa Lakes, as a guest of another Granby transplant, Bob Jones. After getting the Mulcahy’s number at the pro shop, a rendezvous at the club was a “no brainer!”

Rounding out our foursome was the easiest aspect of the final Granby reunion. Dave Hughes joined us at our designated course for “the Granby Game”—Mission Valley. Dave, Bob and I have played together for years, The morning discovery led to a most enjoyable day with the usual banter and jockeying for much-needed accolades and self-aggrandizing.