Board of Education April 17, 2019

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Present: Jenny Emery, Lynn Guelzow, Melissa Migliaccio, Rosemarie Weber, Brandon Webster and Dwaritha Ramesh and Maddy Wilson (Student Representatives). Absent: Mark Fiorentino and Sarah Thrall

Superintendent’s Announcements

Congratulations to Wells Road for raising over $12,000 for Kids Heart Challenge formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart.

Congratulations to Meredith Kamis and Sue Gleason Fund for Teachers – this year they are going to Australia to learn about culture and teaching practices there and attending a literacy conference.

The Wells Road Intermediate Principal Search Committee is up and running, with first round interviews in late April.

Graduation will be held on June 14 at 5:30 p.m.

Business Manager’s Report

Business Manager Anna Robbins presented the March statement of accounts that shows an unfavorable forecast of $379K. Special education expenditures are projected to be unfavorable $678K and regular education expenditures are projected to be favorable $300K. The increase in the unfavorable forecast in special education is a result of minimal adjustments in out-of-district tuition and transportation. Regular education line-item savings reflects the projected favorable results in regular education. Q and D continues to show a favorable forecast of $10K due to savings in magnet and vocational school tuition. Excess cost funding is stable and revenue to the town is favorable at $398K and an added $559K increase in revenue to the town equates to almost $1M favorable against the forecast deficit of $400K. 

Schools in the Spotlight

Media Center Specialist Laurie Smith along with some 5th Grade Wells Road students, presented on Media Centers at the Wells Road Intermediate School. Smith stated that new-this-year learning stations have been set up for student teams. Students shared their experiences with learning centers. Declan Gilmore informed the board about the coding center and Google Tools. Sophia Clark spoke about the makerspace electronic centers where students built towers and bridges and circuits. Sophia Brenson spoke about library skills where students explore books in the library as well as media production where students learn video editing. Lauren de los Reyes spoke about the collaboration station where students work together and do puzzles and make pieces of art. The PTO provided materials for the makerspace electronic centers. Students stated they like the changes in the library. These activities will continue next year and students hope to improve them further.

Consent Agenda

A motion was made by Lynn Guelzow and seconded by Rosemarie Weber to adopt the consent agenda. This motion passed unanimously at 7:24 p.m. with one abstention (Lynn Guelzow).

FY20 Budget Update

The Board discussed communication for the FY20 budget prior to the vote on April 22. Dr. Addley stated there were really no questions with regard to the education budget nor were there members of the community who spoke in favor (or not) of the budget. The board has options they can consider in terms of advocating for the budget. Melissa Migliaccio stated about two years ago it was learned there is no prohibition on board members to fund signs, etc. She urged everyone to not only vote for the budget but to also help get out the vote. Jenny Emery stated she plans to stand on the town green with signs encouraging people to vote.

First Reading of Revised Policy 5144.1 – Use of Physical Force

The Curriculum/Policy/Technology/Communications Subcommittee recommended Revised Policy 5144.1, Use of Physical Force, to the board for a first reading. Rosemarie Weber stated she has not received any feedback on this policy. Christopher Tranberg stated it is a revised policy that includes language for exclusionary time out which moves students to an unlocked setting with supervision. This policy will move forward to the next meeting for a second reading.


With regard to the large capital projects, the administration is working with a several solar experts who designed an alternative engineering model that has no financial consequence. It would allow the array to sit in the space and not on the wetlands. Administration has communicated with the Connecticut Siting Council that ultimately has jurisdiction over this type of installation. The Siting Council’s intent is to work with people so concerns are addressed prior to application. 

The high school feasibility study architect has provided greater detail and a process is underway for better ideas as to what is desired. By the next Finance Subcommittee Meeting some schematics of drawings will be available. It is hoped to get a package of information together regarding the two projects prior to the vote on them.

Calendar of Events

Melissa Migliaccio stated graduation is set for June 14th. Board members will present their children with their diplomas. Top scholar luncheon, GEF musical events, senior prom, senior outing, and a Big History Conference are some upcoming events.

Board Member Announcements

Jenny Emery stated that perhaps the Board of Education could recognize a member as Alan has said the schools recognize a parent, etc. This could increase the board’s community engagement. Melissa Migliaccio stated this is something she would like to see on the next board agenda.

Executive Session/Non-Meeting

A motion was made by Lynn Guelzow and seconded by Jenny Emery to adjourn the meeting and enter into an Executive Session for a personnel/contract issue. This motion passed unanimously at 7:47 p.m.

—Rosemarie Weber, Board Secretary