Birders report numerous species on spring migration bird walks

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Photo by Jim Watso.

Common yellowthroat.

Every Mother’s Day weekend, early risers join Granby Land Trust Board Member John Weeks and his wife, Christine Chinni, on a quest to see the many species of birds that pass through North Granby on their annual migration routes. John and Christine are passionate and knowledgeable birders who generously share their time and expertise with others.

North Granby resident and GLT board member Jamie Gamble kindly opens his private property for the walks each year. The property’s open fields, pond, wetlands, and woodlands provide great habitat for migrating birds such as warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes, orioles, and others.

This year’s outings took place on May 11 and 12—two very different days in terms of weather. May 11 was a beautiful, sunny spring morning, and the outing was an enormous success with 64 species of birds identified. (Please see box on this page.) On the morning of May 12, however, the temperatures dropped, the rain moved in and many of the birds hunkered down for the day. The birds weren’t the only ones deterred by the rain: just seven intrepid souls showed up to see what birds were out and about. Their bravery paid off. While fewer species were seen, the Sunday group did get to see a Virginia rail run right across the path in front of them; and they also had very nice looks at Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks and scarlet tanagers, among others.

The GLT thanks John and Christine for running this popular event for us each year. The GLT is committed to preserving and protecting bird habitat, and it’s always exciting to see the amazing variety of species that make Granby their home or stop for a rest here during their spring migration.

Photo by Jim Watso.

Granby birders, under the guidance of John Weeks, keep watchful eyes out for migrating birds.

Photo by Jim Watso.

Louisiana waterthrush.

These are the 64 species of birds identified on the May 11 bird walk.

Canada goose

wood duck

great blue heron

turkey vulture


sharp-shinned hawk 

red-shouldered hawk

Virginia rail 

chimney swift

ruby-throated hummingbird 

red-bellied woodpecker

yellow-bellied sapsucker

downy woodpecker

northern flicker

least flycatcher

eastern phoebe

great crested flycatcher

eastern kingbird

yellow-throated vireo

blue-headed vireo

warbling vireo

red-eyed vireo

blue jay

common raven

tree swallow

barn swallow

black-capped chickadee

tufted titmouse

white-breasted nuthatch

blue-gray gnatcatcher

eastern bluebird


Swainson’s thrush 

wood thrush 

American robin

gray catbird


Louisiana waterthrush

blue-winged warbler

black-and-white warbler

Nashville warbler

common yellowthroat

American redstart

northern parula

Blackburnian warbler

yellow warbler

chestnut-sided warbler

black-throated blue warbler

yellow-rumped (myrtle) warbler

prairie warbler

black-throated green warbler

Canada warbler 

song sparrow

swamp sparrow

white-throated sparrow

scarlet tanager

northern cardinal

rose-breasted grosbeak

red-winged blackbird

common grackle

brown-headed cowbird

orchard oriole 

Baltimore oriole

American goldfinch