Public Works

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Extra recycling: Extra recycling can be brought to the transfer station free of charge. We have a single-stream dumpster so no need to cut up large boxes. If you have extra on a consistent basis, you may request a second barrel to be used curbside. For a second barrel, call Public Works at 860-653-8960.

Transfer Station: The Granby Transfer Station is open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please bring proof of residency. Fees may apply. Check out the Public Works page at the Town of Granby website ( or call 860-653-8960 for more information.

Household Hazardous Waste: During 2019, there will be three hazardous waste collections for Granby residents. The first will be held in late April at the Farmington Town Hall. Please check next month’s Drummer for the date.

Spring cleaning: As you are clearing out those closets and basements, please consider the following before throwing items in the trash:

Textiles and shoes should be recycled, and they can be dropped off in any collection container around town; including two at the Granby Transfer Station. Torn and stained items are accepted. Oil or mold stained items should go in your trash.

Paint is recyclable and accepted at the transfer station. For a list of accepted items check the Public Works page at the Town of Granby website ( or call Public Works. Leaking, unlabeled or empty containers are not accepted.

Donate what you can. There are numerous charities in the area that accept household goods: Goodwill in Avon; Gifts of Love in Avon; ReStore in Bloomfield, Salvation Army in Hartford; and Covenant to Care in Bloomfield.

If after donating and recycling you still have more trash than will fit in your barrel, stop by Public Works and purchase town approved extra-trash bags. They can be placed next to your barrel on trash day.