The Real Deal

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Someone once said to me, “You are not a plastic person.” I’ve remembered those words forever because they are how I want to be—genuine. Over the 75 years I’ve been on this earth, I’ve met many people I’ve bonded with instantly—because they are real people who act on what they know to be right and good.

They may have a hole in their shoe or a gold chain around their neck, but they all treat others with dignity and respect. They do caring things because it’s the right way to act, not because it brings them attention. They may be quiet or gregarious, but their spirit shines through. Knowing them is worth more than monetary things like silver or gold or even bitcoins. They are like a beautiful piece of music or a cloudless blue sky.

They accept others with loving hearts. They believe in causes and whether they are in the background or foreground, they speak out for what is right and act accordingly.

In the New Year I wish you this Blessing in your life. For knowing such people has been my most treasured gift.

—Bernadette R. Gentry