Story telling isn’t just for kids!

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On Saturday, February 9, at South Church (242 Salmon Brook St.), creative and experienced storytellers will enthrall you with real life episodes from their actual pasts. Hot muscle cars from the 60s, snowmobile racing and military rank, good old fashioned Midwestern pearls of wisdom to the bride and human versus wild (?) animals from goldfish to bears with a dog in between. These are some of the high points that might spark memories of your own misadventures. Some are funny, some are touching, all are entertaining. Come hear how some of your friends and neighbors steered their courses through the long-ago and the not-so-long-ago. The telling begins at 7 p.m. in the cozy coffee house atmosphere of fellowship hall. There is no set admission price, but a free-will donation will be gladly accepted. And, you’ll get goodies, too. Homemade snacks at halftime. Remember, all stories are true and some actually happened.