Planning & Zoning Minutes

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Dec. 11, 2018

The minutes of Nov. 27, 2018 were reviewed.

On a motion by James Sansone seconded by Eric Myers, the commission voted (5-0-2) to approve the minutes of November 27, 2018. Christine Chinni and Brennan Sheahan abstained.

Public Hearings

Application seeking a Special Permit for a 28-square-foot, illuminated freestanding sign for property at 116 Salmon Brook Street.

Thomas Sirman, owner of Granby Auto Wash, addressed the commission. Also present were Susan Okie, owner of Horses and Hounds, and Lisa Hamel, owner of Wine Etc. Sirman explained the three businesses would like to install a directory sign on the corner of Salmon Brook Street and Mill Pond Drive. The proposed sign would replace the existing sign that is shared by Granby Auto Wash and Horses and Hounds. The sign would be located on Granby Auto Wash property, 116 Salmon Brook Street, and would be 28-square-feet in total area, allowing nine square feet of sign of area for each business. Sirman explained the sign would be eight feet in height and illuminated with lights shining downward on the sign. He said the unsightly concrete blocks that are the base of the existing sign would be removed and replaced with landscaping at the base of the new sign. He would be responsible for sign maintenance. The commission discussed the design and height of the proposed sign and concluded that its height would not negatively impact other businesses or be a visual hazard to motorists. Paula Johnson asked the audience for public comment of which there was none.

James Sansone recused himself from voting.
The public hearing closed at 7:10 p.m. The commission has 65 days to decide. 

Receive applications and set public hearings:

Application seeking an amendment to Zoning Regulations sections 3.5.2, 8.21.4 and 8.21.9 which would allow by Special Permit a self-storage facility in the Business (C2) and Aquifer Protection Overlay Zones. File Z-23-18.

Application seeking a change of zone from Economic Development (ED) to Business (C2) for property located at 100 Salmon Brook Street. File Z-24-18.

The above applications have been scheduled for public hearing on January 8, 2019.

Consideration of applications where the commission has concluded the public hearing.

On a motion by Eric Myers seconded by Christine Chinni, the commission voted to approve an application seeking a Special Permit for a 28-square-foot illuminated freestanding sign for property at 116 Salmon Brook Street.

Staff Reports and Correspondence

Kenyon distributed a letter and photos submitted by Gary Kevorkian regarding the placement of trash receptacles behind Starbucks at 10 Hartford Avenue. She explained the site plan shows trash receptacles are to be located at the north end of the building. The zoning enforcement officer, William Volovski, met with the property owner and explained the need to comply with the approved site plan or submit a modification of the site plan for the commission’s consideration. Kenyon reported the zoning enforcement officer will monitor the situation and will follow up with the property owner.

Patricia Tappenden, Recording Secretary