Neighborly Granby

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I am not the type of person whom accepts help; in fact I hate receiving help. Over the past three years I have had three major surgeries and two minor ones between Boston, Hartford and New York.  I have had long recovery times at home with little ability to do things. Without asking, I have been smothered in help, largely from Valley Brook Community Church with Pastor Clark Pfaff, Linda Jansen and the entire care team, Healing Meals of Simsbury, Farmington Valley VNA, Jane Urban and Home Instead, my neighbors and friends in Granby.  It is impossible to maintain a house, transportation and meals without this help and despite my resistance I am beyond grateful and appreciative. When I was younger there were no services or help like this unless you had family close by or a good neighbor. Granby and our local geographic area excels in these services, and has one of the best church communities I have ever known.  We as a community of Granby are blessed, and I thank everyone.