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Foxfield appeals to state legislators for veterans’ health care coverage

Foxfield F.A.R.M. Foundation,  has made a special appeal to  state legislators on both sides of the aisle as they have historically been bipartisan in supporting the state’s valuable and important segment of the communities—U.S. veterans.

Equine therapy has proven to be a successful approach to treating the issues of PTSD and related mental issues (depression, anxiety, domestic violence, suicide, opioid dependence risk and self-medication of alcohol abuse). Equine therapy is functionally less expensive, expedient and welcomed by the participants.

Foxfield F.A.R.M. is reaching out to Connecticut medical professionals to help them recognize the importance of this organic approach. Not using this approach curtails a significant prescription to restore a better quality of life for our veterans and first responders.

Supporting the GPD Christmas toy drive

Foxfield F.A.R.M. support Granby’s “First Responders” with a donation to the Granby Police Department’s annual Christmas 2018 toy drive.

L-R: Bill Regan, VP Foxfield F.A.R.M. Foundation; Officer Jeremiah B. Dowd and Susan Patricelli Regan, President.