Thanksgiving Thoughts

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As friends and family gather around our Thanksgiving tables, we give thanks to the Creator for His Blessings. We share food, fellowship, laughter, memories and plans for the future. We remember those who once shared this day with us, and we miss them. 

No matter where we are – in our homes, community centers, military bases, nursing homes or hospitals, we are grateful to be together. There’s turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, winter squash, green bean casserole, other family favorites and pumpkin and apple pies for dessert. We remember those in need by contributing to food drives and food pantries so we all will share in this day. 

We think of the winter ahead and the snow and cold that will come. We are thankful for the shelter of our homes and the warm clothing we will wear. We are mindful of those who do not have these basic necessities. 

At the end of the day we are tired but happy. We might say a silent prayer that, God willing, we will all be together next year to celebrate Thanksgiving.