Support for Webster

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During last Tuesday night’s debate (Sept. 25) between Amanda Webster and Bill Simanski, organized and presented by GMHS Honors Civics Class, it was apparent that Bill is running on his record of helping the state accumulate 4.6 billon dollars of debt. I’ve known Bill for a long time, and he has always been responsive to my concerns, but it’s time for a change. Watching the Kavanaugh circus just fortified what my good friend Gannon McHale said about this country being run by a “bunch of old white guys.” 

Face the facts. The U.S. population is 49.6 percent female, and the Connecticut population is 51.2 percent female. If one looks at the controlling political make up of our government, starting with our own BOS and various committees and commission, and the state and national representation, the positions are primarily populated by “old white guys.” There are just a few exceptions, but nowhere near being balanced by gender or race. Female elected personnel are in scant supply and are nowhere near the numbers that would be called representative. It’s time for a major change in the structure of our government. 

Amanda Webster should be part of that change. She has diligently worked towards that goal for well over a year, meeting with all sorts of folks in our district to talk about their concerns, needs and wishes. She will very effectively represent us in Hartford. Her presence at the debate showed her preparation, presentation and dedication to be far more effective than her opponent. Bill has represented us well over the past decade or more, but the simple fact is that he has been complicit in running up the debt of 4.6 billion dollars. I’m not even close to saying he is totally responsible, but he is just a part of the problem. We need a representative who will do more than he has, and Amanda is that person. She will bring a whole new definition of energy, intelligence and dedication to the position. Spend a little time talking to her and you will be convinced, as I am, that she is the obvious choice. She will bring a new and refreshing perspective to the position, and I’m looking forward to seeing her in Hartford.