Support for Webster

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I am writing in support of Amanda Webster’s campaign as our new representative of the 62nd District to the Connecticut House of Representatives. As a 40-something lawyer, I was initially hesitant to support Amanda in her campaign, and I confess I judged her purely on age. I was wrong. 

After seeing her in action and experiencing her work ethic first hand, I was completely blown away and knew not only that she deserved this position but that our town would benefit from her enthusiasm, awareness and natural ability to listen and communicate. 

Beyond her drive to serve the people of our community, Amanda is quick-witted and attentive and has the seldom-seen wisdom to know (and admit) when she doesn’t know enough on a topic and she immediately sets out to learn as much as possible about it. This is a rare and exceptional trait in any line of work, especially from a politician. 

Amanda has demonstrated a commitment to the needs of senior citizens, is a fierce and passionate advocate for women, and understands the need for common sense gun laws and that our schools should be a place where children can focus on growing and learning and not buying bulletproof backpacks. I believe without question that Amanda will listen to all citizens in our town and do her best to represent them, regardless of party. 

Politics everywhere in our nation is at a crossroads, and we need leaders who are fearless. It is rare to come across someone of Amanda’s caliber and natural ability and it would be a mistake to choose business as usual and not elect her to represent the people of our District on Nov. 6.