Support for Simanski

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As a former life-long Democrat, I’m endorsing Bill Simanski for Representative of the 62nd District. This decision is based on many factors: Mr. Simanski’s in-depth working knowledge of the political system, proven diplomacy, his honesty and transparency. There is no mystery regarding Representative Simanski’s intentions of serving the public. During the 2018 year, he co-signed 29 bills in the House and Senate. In a predominantly Democratic based legislature, Mr. Simanski worked diligently and tirelessly with legislators and forged ahead. Clearly, there is no shroud of doubt, mystery or drama needed regarding where Mr. Simanski was educated, his employment history, and his personal life’s experiences. In this particular election, voters need the reassurance that longevity matters. Mr. Simanski’s family values and honesty reflect support for his constituents and coincide with the Constitution, Federal, and State laws. Representative Simanski’s military experience, his career at The Hartford Insurance Company, which among other positions included that of a training consultant. 

As his interest in government grew, he served on numerous town commissions and boards: Inlands and Wetlands, Board of Selectmen and as chair for eight years, First Selectman, Justice of the Peace, Town Moderator, as well as a member of the Republican Town Committee. As a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, he taught religious education classes, and participated in various church ministries one of which included working with inmates. 

The voters of the district over the course of many years approved the work accomplished by Representative Simanski through his re-election. During these most difficult political times, we need someone in office with tested experiences and a strong political skill set based on honest values. Mr. Simanski can walk the talk, creatively work with others to solve problems rather than give reassurances, spout statistics, and echo Democratic rhetoric. For me personally as an “older” citizen, time is of the essence. As a former educator, trainer and supporter of aspiring, intelligent young people, the gift of time for some is essential. I don’t have time to wait for any person who flies below the learning curve. My assertions are based on demonstrated actions and findings, observations gleaned from social media and public settings, as well as personally questioning his opponent at a DTC-sponsored debate. Mr. Simanski has dutifully served the citizens of the district and can apply skills, show concern and understanding for what citizens face in their daily lives. He can clearly articulate based on his comprehensive working knowledge the “hows” of an action plan while adhering to our time-honored values and existing laws. His dedication, honesty, and transparency will bode well for the electorate of the 62nd District.