Support for Simanski

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I am urging all the great people of Granby to vote to re-elect Rep. Bill Simanski to the Connecticut House of Representatives. I have served with Bill for several years and without a doubt he is a gentleman, well informed, and a tireless champion for the people of Granby and the rest of his district. Bill is thoughtful, sometimes soft-spoken, but he is indeed a crusader. Frankly, I have been awed by personally witnessing some of his speeches on the floor of the House. He is honest, thoughtful and passionate about Connecticut’s plight. Bill knows one-party rule in our legislature for over 20 years has been thoroughly destructive to the hopes and dreams of our children, seniors and employers. Bill wants to help turn Connecticut around. I have been so honored to work for the people of Granby in our state senate, but Rep. Bill Simanski will help make the structural changes in our state’s government we so desperately need. 

Please vote for Rep. Bill Simanski, a voice of compassionate proven advocacy for all of us. Re-elect Rep. Bill Simanski.