Support for Republicans

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This is an extremely important election for the citizens of the State of Connecticut and for our town. For decades, our legislature has spent too much and saved too little to pay for the state’s obligations. We need to elect representatives and senators that have the restraint and will power to hold the line on state spending. 

State Senators John Kissel and Kevin Witkos and State Representative Bill Simanski are three individuals who can be counted on to right the out-of-control policies of the past. As Granby’s First Selectman (1994-2002) Bill balanced budgets and moved our town forward with projects and maintenance of town facilities that were well conceived and within our means. As members of the evenly divided senate these past two years, Senators Kissel and Witkos have been instrumental in passing bipartisan budgets that rein in spending without punishing well-run towns in favor of state grants to cities with out-of-control spending policies. 

A vote for their opponents will only continue the policies of Dan Malloy that have brought our state to its knees. The change we need in the legislature is a move to a new majority. This can only be accomplished by voting for Senators John Kissel, Kevin Witkos and Representative Bill Simanski. These public servants have the knowledge, experience and determination to solve the very difficult problems our state is facing. Your vote will count on Election Day 2018.