Support for Hornish

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I write in support of the candidacy of Annie (Wosko) Hornish for the position of State Senator. Annie has demonstrated her qualifications for this position through her strong local commitment and her effective state experience. 

I was fortunate enough to work with Annie as a fellow commissioner on the Granby Charter Revision Commission. She contributed significantly to the success of that commission. Moreover, she did so by working across party lines to help develop the best charter for the town of Granby. Beyond that commission, Annie has served her town, among other ways, as a member of Granby’s Agricultural Commission and as chair of the Elections Committee for the Granby Democratic Town Committee. 

Annie’s town service has been complemented by her state service as our former State Representative (2009-10). At the legislature, she worked effectively to streamline government by cutting waste through encouragement of regionalization measures. She spearheaded proposed legislation supporting the creation of high tech jobs, including “green” jobs, in our state. Moreover, Annie did so by again drawing upon her capacity to work across the aisle. That attribute is increasingly rare, yet fundamentally important, to our political discourse at all levels of government. 

Please join me in voting for Annie Hornish on Nov. 6.