Support for Webster

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In 1972 my mother was elected to our state legislature (in Maine), and as a result, awareness of political issues has remained a constant for me. I remember campaigning with her and watching her listen to her future constituents. Treating all people with compassion and respect is a value I learned from my mother in those early days, and I have never missed an opportunity to cast my vote.

 I now have the pleasure of watching Amanda Webster meet and listen intently to her potential constituents during her campaign. Amanda impresses me with her drive and determination, but also with her clear sense of the issues that matter for the people of the 62nd District. Supporting our middle class, senior citizens and the education of our next generation are issues Amanda addresses head on as she knocks on doors and listens to voters in this district.

 I am certain that Amanda Webster will truly represent the people of the 62nd District, and I encourage you to vote for Amanda Webster for State Representative on Nov. 6.