Support for Hornish

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Retirees want to see Connecticut do well and we want our children and grandchildren to love this state as much as we do. However, many of us are struggling with finances due to threats to our promised pensions and healthcare benefits. We worked hard and relied on our employers’ promises of stability after retirement. If these earned benefits disappear, it would be devastating for many members of this community.

Equally concerning is the high cost of prescription drugs. Even with decent insurance coverage, the costs to seniors can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. The price for managing chronic illness shouldn’t be choosing between which bills to pay or concern about losing the house. 

I spoke to Annie Hornish, candidate for State Senator, about these issues. She listened, a rare quality today. Because she cares for her elderly mother and aunt, Annie is well acquainted with the challenges we face. She wants seniors to keep their limited income and stay in their homes through property tax credits, enhancing home care coverage and reducing the cost of prescription drugs.

Annie loves our state and has the knowledge and experience needed to help people. I’m voting for Annie Hornish on Nov. 6 and hope you will too.