Support for Hornish

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As a member of the Board of Finance, I know that investments in education and access to healthcare grow our economy and make our state attractive to businesses. As a father, I want my children to find opportunities in Connecticut that make them want to stay in our great state. That’s why I am voting for Annie Hornish on Nov. 6. I have known Annie as a friend for over 10 years and have discussed many small government issues with her when she served as a State Representative. I find she has a depth of knowledge on a wide range subjects.

Annie will be a state senator who looks out for towns like Granby because she’s lived in the 7th District her whole life. She knows that good public education is a cornerstone of Connecticut’s revitalization. She and I have discussed the importance of funding a world-class public education system and she understands that schools (and towns) need a stable and timely funding stream from the state so they can plan appropriately. With the influx of good jobs in manufacturing and technology, she will fight for responsive community college training programs to grow the workforce needed to keep those companies here and expanding.

Annie has also heard from many families who are one catastrophic illness away from financial disaster, something I hear in my medical practice as well. Access to healthcare is vitally important for Connecticut’s families. Annie will fight for better healthcare access and lowering prescription drug costs. It’s hard to build a future when you are worried about the day-to-day care of chronic health issues and their financial impact.

Please vote Annie Hornish for State Senate on Nov. 6.