Granby Community Appreciated

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“The water is warm” were memorable words to us as we embarked on the journey of owning goats. It is time to acknowledge Granby 4H and all the families we have encountered during our journey with “barn life” and I figured a letter to the editor was the most appropriate venue. We had owned chickens and done crafts, sewing and cooking projects with our girls during 4H and Scouts, but our youngest son, James, expressed an interest in owning goats. This was a bigger step for us. We “leased” from Nancy and Steve Hayes so he could really learn more about them first—but he also learned from the Hayes, the Sweet Pea Hayes, Ray, Gilbert, Laflamme, Smith, Hawthorn, Neumann, Butler, Peyton and Longest kids (and probably some I didn’t list). We made friends with these parents and learned too. James not only learned how to handle and care for the goats but also about them, how to present yourself in front of judges, educate the visitors, and to work as part of a team to help each other. The Strains and Toczydlowskis have had him learn from helping on their farms as well. I am forever thankful for the Granby community for embracing James and us on this journey.

During the aftermath of our recent tragedy losing four of our goats, we again were impressed with the professional and caring work from Dr. Anne Creden of Salmon Brook Veterinary, Jen of Granby animal control and the DEEP.  I am also thankful for the outpouring of community support during trials of “barn life” that exemplify the circle of life over the past few years. We have learned truly what hard work, love, luck, faith and heartache are. We have also learned what true friendship means. Granby is a special place and whether your kids are involved in organized activities or not, I believe this community comes together to help raise our kids as a village and we are fortunate for that. Indeed, we are glad we “jumped in…the water has been warm.” Thank you everyone.