Support for Webster

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Regardless of party, I think most Granby residents can agree that our proud town has often been overlooked when it comes to the decision makers in Hartford. New leadership in the capitol is in Granby’s best interest in both the short and long term, and that is why Amanda Webster is the right person to represent the 62nd District when voters go to the ballot box in November. She has been a strong leader at the local level, making her mark through the Board of Education’s Equity Task Force, the Granby PTO and many other organizations that look to improve our town on the local level.

Webster is someone who takes pride in listening to the voices of our community and better understanding the issues that are important to those in her neighborhood. She is a firm believer in working across party lines in order to accomplish what will best serve the residents of Granby (as well as Barkhamsted, Hartland, and New Hartford) rather than blindly supporting or opposing legislation simply based on state party lines.

She will also bring fresh ideas to Hartford in a time when we sorely need them. Going back to the same plans again and again has gotten our state into a financial mess, and taking a different approach is crucial to bringing us back to prosperity. Having a leader who is open to creative solutions and willing to listen to a new approach is what Granby needs for our citizens of all ages. I am proud to support Amanda Webster as our next representative in the Connecticut Legislature.