Support for Hornish

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The legislators in Hartford are totally out of touch with their constituents. Families struggle with stagnant wages, rising healthcare costs, and Eversource rate hikes, while inflation eats away at any minor gains made. With all this, economic security is well out of reach for far too many. 

We need change at the Statehouse. For 25 years, John Kissel has dithered and hewed to the Republican party line of “no” to measures that help our families grow stronger. To make matters worse, legislators like John Kissel repeatedly damage our economic future by voting against increases to the minimum wage. In addition, he and other Republicans shirked the State’s responsibility to pay for their portion of our teachers’ pensions, burdening small towns like Granby to pick up the slack. He even voted against the bump stock ban this year. He earned the NRA’s “A” rating, but not my support. 

Annie Hornish faces the same struggles we do as she cares for her elderly mother and aunt. She created jobs in this district when she was a State Representative and knows that investing in infrastructure and infostructure to create high-paying next-generation manufacturing jobs is critical to our economic success and solving the pension debacle. Our hard-working teachers deserve better than an unfunded promise. Annie will work to ensure that promises made are promises kept. Also, Annie is a gun owner who believes in common sense guns laws that help keep our community and families safer. She will work hard to ban ghost guns and promote gun safety as a public health issue. 

I am an 18-year Granby resident, parent of two Granby students, and CFO for the non-profit DuraSpace. Join me in voting for Annie Hornish on Nov. 6.