July P & Z minutes

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July 10, 2018

Public Session

Peggy Lareau addressed the commission with two comments on sharing information. Lareau suggested that when there are regulation changes, the regulations should be posted online so the public may review them in advance. She also noted that, while there are hard copies of commission packets available in Town Hall, obtaining an electronic version ahead of a meeting would be more helpful.

Receive Applications and Set Public Hearings

Application seeking a Special Permit for an automotive repair facility in the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone for property at 352 Salmon Brook Street. The Public Hearing is scheduled for July 24.

An application seeking a Special Permit for a detached accessory apartment for property at 271R Simsbury Road. The Public Hearing is scheduled for July 24.

Informal Discussion – Amendment to the zoning regulations pertaining to seasonal outdoor dining.

Abby Kenyon presented a draft of the seasonal outdoor dining regulation to the commission for its consideration. The proposed regulation would treat seasonal outdoor dining at an existing restaurant as an accessory use, requiring a site plan modification. The site plan could be approved at the staff level provided the application complied with the criteria outlined in the regulation. If the restaurant is adjacent to a residential use, Special Permit approval would be required.

The commission members discussed the criteria. They noted several items that should be addressed further, including required fencing and separation from nearby parking lots, hours of operation, lighting requirements, thresholds for outdoor seating capacity that would trigger additional parking to be provided, the importance of maintaining clear paths on sidewalks for pedestrians and wheelchairs, and allowing light music. The commission believed all outdoor dining applications should go before them for Special Permit approval. It was decided revisions to the regulation will be made and presented to the commission for further discussion in September.

Staff Reports and Correspondence

Abby Kenyon reported on several projects including:

The first apartment building at the Ridgewood Development is framed and the elevator shaft of the second building is under construction. The clubhouse is also under construction. 

The first course of pavement for the restaurant parking lot is installed.

Renovations are underway for Stony Hill Village, including new windows, doors, roofs and siding. Paving is scheduled for fall 2018.

Commission discussion of items of interest or concern

Eric Myers reminded commission members that they had voted on and agreed to send a recommendation to CROG allowing a drive-thru by Special Permit. He would like the commission to move forward with this at the September meeting. He also suggested that the commission draft regulations for ground-mounted solar arrays to address set-back and height requirements.

July 24, 2018 

Public Hearings

An application seeking a Special Permit for an automotive repair facility in the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone for property at 352 Salmon Brook Street. 

Applicant, Tim Lyons, residing at 3 Brianwood Lane and conducting business at 349 Salmon Brook Street, addressed the commission. Lyons said his business is a simple auto repair shop; there is no body work, engine rebuilds or transmission rebuilds conducted. He explained waste oil is reused in an oil heater that is serviced twice per year. Lyons said Heritage Crystal Clean, a State of Connecticut authorized service company, inspects and services this system. Other excess fluids are stored in clear containers above ground. The commission commented that the information submitted by Lyons demonstrates he operates his business in accordance with best management practices.

Owner of the property, Shawn Levesque, addressed the commission. Levesque said the parking lot will have about 33 spaces and the entire parking lot will be millings. There was discussion about the proposed surface and how it differs from asphalt paving. Levesque said the parking lot would be flush with the grass and no curb is proposed. Levesque said he would like to separate his side of the property from Tim’s side and asked the commission for suggestions on what type of gate to use; he suggested a farm gate. The commission agreed a farm gate would be a suitable choice.

Levesque said the floor for the side of the building proposed for occupation by Tim’s Automotive was just poured and there is a two-inch containment lip, which has the capacity to contain 1,900 gallons of liquid. In response to a question regarding the timeframe for the completion of excavation and material removal, Levesque stated that the building and site work should be done within the next three months but the sand and woodpile will be relocated by next spring. James Sansone raised a concern regarding car storage as it is unsightly to see cars sitting for long durations. The commission discussed the storage of cars and concluded that cars are not to be left on this property over 60 days. 

An application seeking a Special Permit for a detached accessory apartment for property at 271R Simsbury Road. 

Fredrick Gent, owner of 271R Simsbury Road, addressed the commission. Gent stated the proposed apartment would be 600 square feet and is for their daughter. They would use the existing driveway and the septic and well with approval from the Farmington Valley Health District. He noted a lot line revision with the adjacent property, which they also own, is required so the apartment will meet the required side yard setback. It was noted a neighbor expressed her support for this application. 

Consideration of applications where the commission has concluded the public hearing.

The commission members discussed the application. They noted it complied with the Zoning Regulations.

Abby Kenyon said even after the lot line revision, both lots would comply with the lot area and yard requirements.

On a motion by Eric Myers seconded by Christine Chinni, the commission, voted (7-0-0) to approve a Special Permit under Zoning Regulations Section 8.5 for a detached accessory apartment for property at 271R Simsbury Road.

The commission members discussed the Special Permit for the automotive repair facility. They said the applicant has demonstrated compliance with best management practices and noted an annual re-approval would be a good mechanism to ensure continued compliance. The commission also discussed the site plan and proposed landscaping.

On a motion by James Sansone seconded by Margaret Chapple, the commission voted (7-0-0) to approve Special Permit under Zoning Regulations Sections and for an automotive repair facility in the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone for property at 352 Salmon Brook Street with the following conditions:

1) Town staff is permitted to visit the facility at any time.

2) There shall be no storage of cars on the site longer than 60 days.

3) Arborvitae shall be planted along the southern property line as recommended by the Director of Community Development to provide additional screening as required.

4) The parking lot may be millings provided the apron is paved in accordance with the Zoning Regulations.

5) A farm gate will be installed to separate the front parking lot from the landscaping business to the rear.

6) Prior to a Certificate of Occupancy, all site work shown on the approved site plan shall be completed or a bond submitted for any outstanding work.

7) There shall be an annual renewal of this Special Permit.

Staff Reports and Correspondence

Abby Kenyon updated the commission on ongoing projects, stating that the traffic light at Floydville Road has been delayed.

She also said several garages and the clubhouse are under construction at the Ridgewood Development and work has started on the second apartment building.