CIRMA members receive a $5 million payout

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The Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency’s (CIRMA) Board of Directors approved a $5 million distribution of Members’ Equity to be made in July and August 2018 to its member municipalities, school districts, and local public agencies. As a member-owned and governed organization, CIRMA stands as one of the most successful state-wide collaborative efforts between Connecticut municipalities, school districts, and local public agencies. This is CIRMA’s seventh distribution of Members’ Equity made in the past eight years, for a total of nearly $25 million.

“The partnership and risk management efforts of our members are a sustaining force behind CIRMA’s outstanding financial strength, growth in service programs, and our ability to deliver a Members’ Equity Distribution Program. Working together, we are making our communities better and safer places to live, learn, and work in,” said David Demchak, CIRMA President and Chief Executive Officer.

Granby received a rebate of $29,111, which was deposited into the general fund.