Cat Rescue in Poets Corner

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As we closed down the house and prepared to retire for the night on July 16, we heard an animal noise coming from somewhere along the path between our house and our neighbor’s. Sensing some concern, my wife Lisa left a message for Jennifer Abalan (Animal Control). Early the next morning we took a stroll down the path and discovered a cat perched about 40-50 feet up in a pine tree on our property. We shared that update with Jennifer and was told there was no easy away to free the cat and that it might take a couple of days before it came down on its own. Jennifer assured us that she had never removed a skeleton from a tree.

When we returned from work that evening, we could see that the cat had drawn the attention of some of our neighbors, including Maria Schackner and her daughter Sarah, who fortunately know a lot about cats. Maria suggested she reach out to family friend Dan Watkins, who assessed the situation. He knew exactly what to do, although he indicated it was quite likely the cat would retreat further up the tree as he approached, and that we could be in for quite a lengthy show.

Dan donned his equipment, harnessed himself in and began his ascent. After about 30 minutes of working his way around several branches, Dan was able to maneuver the cat into a backpack, strapped the pack on his back and returned to earth within seconds.

Dan modestly removed his equipment, accepted only our appreciation and went on his way. Jennifer let the cat out of the bag, and scanned it to see if she were chipped, which she was. A call into Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital further revealed the owner to be a neighbor so Jennifer was able to return the cat to its appreciative family.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have our own heroes. Dan and Jennifer both went far beyond what one would expect and are to be commended for their helpful spirit. Truly a good Granby story!