Join Girl Scouts with extended-year membership

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New members can join for a 16-month membership with a discounted price.

For the first time ever, Girl Scouts has introduced an extended-year membership opportunity for NEW members. Both girls and adults who have not joined Girl Scouts before can register for a 16-month, $35 prorated membership that allows them to begin Girl Scouts during the summer then transition right into the traditional troop experience in the fall. That’s nearly 16 months of membership versus 12 for one, low promotional price—sweet.

This is a great opportunity for girls to enjoy all the thrills of Girl Scout Camp and start right back with a troop in the fall! It’s also a fantastic way for volunteers who want to start a new troop beat the rush and get setup, trained and ready to dive right into all of the exciting programs and leadership building experiences that Girl Scouts has to offer.

Register today at or call 800-922-2770 and join the best leadership experience for girls!