BOE minutes: June 6, 2018

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Present Board Members: Lynn Guelzow, Mark Fiorentino, Sarah Thrall, Rosemarie Weber, Brandon Webster, and Maddie Attianese (Student Representative).

Absent Board Members: Jenny Emery, Melissa Migliaccio and Sarah Cusano (Student Representative)

Annual Curriculum Report 

Christopher Tranberg, Assistant Super-intendent, presented the annual Curriculum Report to the Board. He discussed the board goal of rigorous and diverse curriculum and stated a lot of the focus has been on writing and, specifically, in the following areas: Primary reading and writing; primary math; next generation science standards; NEAS&C priorities and new courses. The instructional focus this year was on feedback to students and arts programming improvements. With regard to the achievement goal of writing for the district, 93 percent of grade 2 students are ending the year at or above grade level; 93 percent of Grade 5 students; 96 percent of all middle school students made at least one year’s growth on writing assessments; and 90 percent of graduating seniors met grade level benchmarks on the Capstone essays. Tranberg reviewed some of the highlights of one of the Board goals, professional capital of staff, including NEAS&C self-study; Eureka math; NGSS lesson development, and work with literacy and writing consultants. Tranberg explained to the Board after being in the position for one year how he would like to forward the strategic focus, which he had broken down into four areas: equity taskforce, personalized professional learning, tiered intervention and enrichment steering committee. He stated instructionally the district needs to spend a little more time in tiered intervention and will be revisiting the intervention plan. Brandon Webster inquired if the achievement gap will be presented again in the fall. Tranberg stated, yes, it would as well as testing data later on. Lynn Guelzow inquired about SBAC results. Tranberg informed her the window will close on Friday but it has been delayed due to the storms that occurred. Results may come out in June.

New Business

Superintendent’s Annual Report 

Dr. Alan Addley presented the Superintendent’s Annual Report to the board and summarized some of the highlights of the year relating them to board goals as outlined in his annual goals presented in the fall of 2017. 

He stated this year has been characterized by a few things: uncertainty of a budget; student safety concerns with the Florida shooting; nice levels of student achievement; Equity Taskforce; writing focus; challenges in the budget with transportation and health costs, and the redeployment of administrators. Dr. Addley stated there is a lot of coherence around the Board goals and the work the district is doing. Highlights under each goal as follows: 

Goal 1. Increase in student achievement: SAT scores; focus on writing with over 90 percent of students in each school making growth; the district’s equity taskforce; and district achievement. 

Goal 2. Professional and Personal Leadership: Dr. Addley stated he is proud of the way Granby students handled the events of the Parkland, Florida shooting this year and that it was handled very well; the district was recognized as a high-performing professional learning community by Solution Tree; and, the district continues to work with CREC closely as well as look at regionalization efforts. 

Goal 3. Community Outreach and Involvement. Board members promote positive communication relations through attendance and participation at community events. 

Goal 4. Instruction and Curriculum: Continue to work with UConn to increase student performance in writing; NEAS&C self-study; PK-8 curriculum; Algebra I recommendation coming from the Math audit; administrators focused this year on creating the conditions for innovation; Granby is a founding member of the Connecticut Schools of Innovation; and, additional STEAM student programming. 

Goal 5. Business Matters: Transition of administrators; improvements in minority recruitment; successful budget with a small operating budget increase; BOE plan to share technology services with the town; Virtual Net Metering; and, secured almost $1M for a safety and security grant. Mark Fiorentino commented that every year challenges seem to get more difficult, yet, we can always do better. He stated Dr. Addley and the staff deserve a lot of credit and the creativity shown during the budget process was impressive. Good work.

Curriculum/Policy/Technology/Communication Committee

Rosemarie Weber stated this subcommittee discussed the Summer Enrichment Academy’s increasing registrations and income; wellness day at Wells Road; a brief preview of the Boardwalk and the focus on math across the district; professional development that took place on May 29; the shift of the coaching model to a student model, and the Generations Mentoring Program (five mentors are being trained). The Reunification Plan was also reviewed and was well executed off-site. Discussed a rollout of an app called StopIt! (an anti-bullying app geared for anti-bullying and student safety). The board will hear more about this at the board retreat. A sneak preview of the annual curriculum report was given. One policy was reviewed regarding live animals. This recommended policy has CABE language and addresses issues of students who want to bring in anything from a service animal to pets into the classroom. This policy will stay in subcommittee. 

Rosemarie Weber, Board Secretary