Notes from Board of Ed May 2 Meeting

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Teaching and Learning

Jeff Stanwood, business teacher at the high school, along with student DECA members Jenna Dauria, Marile Marzo, Jacob McDonald, David Migliaccio, Owen Plourde, Andrew Quagliaroli, Jillian Thrall, and Joseph Wix presented to the board after attending the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students shared what DECA has done to help them decide their career paths and explained that it gives them real-world experience. The club would like to recruit quality members and students who want to participate and raise community awareness by fundraising to aid growth and offset costs.

Annual Technology Report

Jon Lambert, director of technology, presented the annual technology report. He shared some new technology called Google cardboard, showed a video and reviewed FY18 highlights and accomplishments, which include an online registration program and upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10. With regard to FY19, Lambert spoke about the purchase of two new iPad carts; 16 security cameras (4 cameras per building); anonymous alert software for bullying prevention; elementary coding software for Wells Road; and, an Interactive LED at the high school for a social studies course. He discussed the challenges for his department such as cybersecurity and Internet capacity; the increase of technology use and devices supported. Lynn Guelzow inquired about Chromebook breakage at the middle school. Lambert stated there is a bit of damage throughout the year; however, the purchase of a three-year insurance plan has worked out well. She also inquired how many 3D printers are in the district. Lambert stated approximately 6-8; he will get back to her with the exact number.

International Field Trips

A motion to adopt the consent agenda passed unanimously. International travel has long been a characteristic of the district. The board discussed the approval of the international field trips for the 2018-2019 to Spain and France in April 2019. Dr. Addley stated the French exchange has unfortunately ended so there is a new partnership for next year. The new program will be more cost effective and include trips to Normandy. Lynn Guelzow inquired how many students who go on the trips cannot afford them. Dr. Addley stated most students who attend pay at least some portion of the trip and there are processes in place to assist those who cannot.

Start Time Study

Dr. Addley announced a start time taskforce committee of approximately 10 people and thanked Lynn Guelzow for volunteering. Monthly meetings kicking off in September will follow one pre-planning meeting in June. Mark Fiorentino that stated some districts have learned that sports are still a conflict even though endorsed by the CIAC.

—Rosemarie Weber, Board Secretary