Notes from Board of Ed April 18 Meeting

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 Business Manager’s Report

Business Manager Anna Robbins, presented the March statement of accounts that reports a negative forecast of $251K, which is $97K worse than the prior month. Special education expenditures are projected to be unfavorable at $297K, which is $57K less favorable than last month. Regular education expenditures are favorable at $46K. Special education changes are due to a combination of a favorable variance in transportation and unfavorable variance in tuition. Revenue to the town shows a favorable forecast of $5K. The special education excess cost grant is forecasted to be higher by $29K due to the expense of high-cost students. The overall unfavorable forecast is the best estimate at this time. It was originally contemplated to ask the town for a special appropriation from the general fund; however, it has been decided to wait until the April numbers are in to get a more accurate number. Rosemarie Weber inquired about pay-for-play revenue for this year and Robbins stated it is slightly down.

 Suffield Agriscience Consulting Committee Nominations

Laura LaFlamme, director of the Suffield Regional Agriscience Center, gave the board an overview of the center and stated there are currently 141 students in the program. There is a large animal facility, small animal lab, mechanics shop, greenhouse, floral lab, aquaculture lab, and food science lab on the campus. She stated enrollment is trending upward. Granby will not have any graduates in 2018 and there are two acceptances for next year. LaFlamme explained the Consulting Committee to the board and the duties of the representatives. New nominee, Aimee Gilbert, stated she is excited to share her expertise in farming and agriculture with the Consulting Committee. Alan Addley inquired about entrance criteria with regard to special education as well as the center’s percentage of special education students. LaFlamme explained she is not able to see IEP or 504 information for prospective students; however, she is able to see grades and attendance. She stated she did not know the current percentage of special education students. The board approved the nominations for Eric Ducharme’s extended three-year term and Aimee Gilbert’s three-year term as Granby Representatives for the Suffield Agriscience Consulting Committee.

Start Time Study

Melissa Migliaccio stated Alan Addley has brought forward a timeline for this study to start the high school and middle school later and the elementary schools earlier. She asked the board for a volunteer to be a representative on the committee. Lynn Guelzow stated she will be the board representative. Migliaccio asked the student representatives their thoughts. Sarah Cusano stated it would be a positive thing as it is hard to balance everything especially if you play sports and get home late from a game. Maddie Attianese stated she has heard teachers have concerns if they have younger kids and coaching may also be a concern for them.

—Rosemarie Weber, Board Secretary