Hornish to challenge Kissel in state senate District 7 race

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Annie Hornish, former State Representative and current advocate for animal issues, has declared her candidacy for State Senator, challenging incumbent John Kissel. As a Representative, Annie passed legislation that created high-quality jobs, preserved state aid for towns and local schools, and cut government waste through vigorous results-based accountability and regionalization efforts. Annie holds an MBA from Western New England College and graduated from UConn’s College of Agriculture. She has also served on the Granby Agricultural Commission and Granby’s Charter Revision Commission.

Her current campaign focuses on moving families successfully through challenging times, increasing their security, and building for the future. Annie passionately believes in growing the economy, increasing access to healthcare and treatment for opioid addiction, building Connecticut’s infrastructure, and cleaning up government to be more responsive to the people. Annie’s dedication to meaningful change has positively impacted both the state and local levels of government.

Annie says, “I’ve listened to the people of the 7th District urging me to step up, to advocate for them, to urge common-sense solutions to pressing problems, and to demand good governance. This gives me the courage and the fortitude necessary to take on an entrenched incumbent with deep pockets and an ear fixed on lobbying groups.”

Learn more about Annie’s campaign at www.AnnieHornish.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
— from a news release