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I am exceptionally proud to offer my support to Valerie Eastwood, Democratic candidate for the CT 62nd Congressional District, and here’s why:

Valerie has a strong professional background. As an attorney with specific experience in tax law, health care law, and the complicated intersection of Federal versus State laws, she is ready to write effective legislation on day one. She brings bench strength to the Democratic party overall, and I welcome it. She has a strong business background, and understands the complexities of both large and small organizations. As a person with many decades of experience collaborating in organizations committed to progressive causes, Valerie is viewed as a highly valued member of these communities, where she brings a high degree of integrity and emotional maturity.

I am particularly impressed by her background as a healthcare advocate and that she understands how the challenges of both opioid addiction and gun control need to be framed within the context of public health. I believe she will be a strong voice for a level playing field where all people are empowered to make the best choices for themselves and their families. Importantly, I also believe she can win against her Republican opponent, whose philosophy is consistent with the Republican Party overall.

I am so grateful that she has stepped forward to offer her deep experience and considerable talent for this role.