P & Z minutes February 13, 2018

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Consideration of an application seeking approval of a one lot re-subdivision for property located at 33 Moose Horn Road.

The commission has received a revised map that addresses the status of the open space that was originally presented to be transferred to the State of Connecticut. As the state would not accept the property, the applicant has agreed to pay a fee in lieu of open space.

On a motion by Eric Lukingbeal, seconded by Eric Myers, the commission voted (7-0-0) to approve an application for a one lot re-subdivision for property located at 33 Moose Horn Road, as shown on a plan titled Moose Horn Heights, prepared for PEBA, LLC by Ed Lally and Associate dated July 7, 2017 and revised to 2-6-18 with the following conditions:

The mylars shall not be executed and filed until such time that a cash bond in an amount established by the commission, which guarantees the completion of all required improvements, is submitted to the town, or upon the establishment of an agreement, placed on file in the Office of the Granby Town Clerk, which prohibits the sale of lots 31 and 33, as identified on the above referenced maps, until such time that the required drainage and other improvements are completed.

The building official shall not issue building permits for any residential construction until such time that the required installation and repair of the stormwater drainage system is completed as outlined on the subject plans.

A cash bond is required to guarantee the installation and maintenance of the soil erosion and sedimentation plan as required under section 6.0 of the Subdivision Regulations.

In accordance with Section of the Subdivision Regulations all lot corners shall be permanently located by metal pins at least 3/4 inch in diameter and thirty (30) inches in length. The corners of the conservation easement shall be similarly located. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued for any home until a certification is received by a licensed land surveyor stating that all required monuments and pins have been installed as required.

The permanent preservation of the proposed conservation easement shall be accomplished by deeding the easement to the Town of Granby or other entity outlined within Section as proposed. The easement areas shall be preserved in accordance with Section of the Subdivision Regulations.

The applicant shall pay a fee-in-lieu-of-open-space as outlined within Section 3.1.3, as proposed. Prior to the filing of the final mylars, the applicant shall either submit the fee-in-lieu-of-open-space to the town or file a document, suitable to the commission, that requires the payment of the fee in lieu of open space at such time as the lots are sold. The fee-in-lieu-of-open-space is $11,496 or $5,748 for each of the lots. A note that references the required fee in lieu of open space shall be added to the mylar.

Minor additions and corrections shall be made to the final mylars, in accordance with the direction of the Town Engineer, prior to filing with the Granby Town Clerk.

Report on resurfacing and parking/access plan modifications for St. Therese Parish, 120 West Granby Road. Fran noted that above noted parking area will be improved and re-paved in the coming months. The work will include the relocation and an increase in the number of handicap parking spaces. The impervious area of the property will be little changed from the existing condition. As reviewed by town staff, the work does not require any PZC action. Jim Sansone commented on the lighting fixtures.


An application seeking a special permit for a barn in excess of 1,000 square feet for property located at 6 Knollwood Lane.

An application seeking special permits for a farm store and for the sale and serving of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a Farm Brewery for property located at 192 and 198R Salmon Brook Street.

An application seeking approval of a Farm Store for property located at the former Davis Farm, 170 North Granby Road, aka Rossmore Farm.

Public hearings will be scheduled for February 23.

Staff Reports and Correspondence:

Armentano reported that a contractor has been selected for the improvements at Stony Hill Village, which work is funded under the Small Cities program. Bids are underway for the sidewalk construction project, which is scheduled to begin in the spring.

Upstream Properties recently purchased the Trinkle/Mercy Salmon Brook Street properties for the Ridgewood Development. The land is currently being cleared. It is anticipated that construction for the first two apartment buildings will begin in early spring.

Armentano also noted that Connor Hogan has replaced Steve Paine as the manager of McLean’s Game Refuge. Working on GIS, they are recommending that landlocked town property, located at 65 Old Beach Road (an old abandoned road) be transferred to McLean’s Game Refuge. Armentano also commented on several new restaurants opening in town. In response to questions, Armentano noted that at this point in time no application for a restaurant at 261 Salmon Brook Street has been received. Jim Sansone commented that if an application is filed, he would like the building official and fire marshal to establish a maximum occupancy for the number of people allowed in the building.

Commission discussion of items of interest or concern:

Jonathan Boardman expressed concern regarding the Farm Brewery application for 192 and 198R Salmon Brook Street with regard to potential traffic issues, size of the proposal, amount of activity and site, parking and lighting.

Jim Sansone inquired about the status of 8 East Granby Road. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Dorcus S. Forsyth, Recording Secretary