Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes – Jan. 23 meeting

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Present: Paula Johnson, Chairman, Jonathan Boardman, Margaret Chapple, Charles Kraiza, Eric Lukingbeal and Eric Myers. Also present was Francis Armentano, Director of Community Development.

An informal discussion was held with Kate Bogli of Maple View Farm, 192 and 198R Salmon Brook Street concerning a potential application for a manufacturer permit for a farm brewery. Bogli thanked the commission for their recent approval of an amendment to the Zoning Regulations that allows such use by Special Permit. Through a presentation, Bogli reviewed the history of Maple View Farm and the types of farming, crops and events that it currently offers. She discussed the crops that are used in the brewing process and noted a farm brewery would be a new use for the property. They plan to brew beer and kombucha in the barn that is currently under construction. Bogli went on to discuss access and parking and the compatibility of the use with neighboring properties. The business, to be called Brew, would be open to the public for limited hours, Thursday through Sunday. The level of required mapping was discussed along with the necessary details of the design. The commission members asked questions at the conclusion of the presentation and commented that it was a very informative.

Consideration of an application seeking approval of a one-lot resubdivision for property located at 33 Moose Horn Road.

Armentano discussed the need for a revised map based on the change of the open space as presented by the applicant during the public hearing. It was understood that the applicant would complete the map as indicated in conformance with the Subdivision Regulations. A decision on the application must be made no later than the meeting of Feb. 13.

Staff Reports and Correspondence

Armentano reported that the funding for the Notch Road/East Street roundabout has been eliminated by the state. Also $800,000 has been granted for Stony Hill Village Renovation that should be under construction in the very near future. All remaining occupancy permits for Greenway on the Salmon Brook Street sidewalk project will be out this week with the construction anticipated for April. Spring occupancy is anticipated for new restaurants in the former McDonalds and ABC Pizza spaces and in the Grassroots building. Activity will be seen at the site of the Ridgewood Development on Salmon Brook Street in a couple of weeks, with buildings under construction this spring.

Commission discussion of items of interest or concern

Chairman Johnson expressed concern about the poor condition and safety of the property and buildings at 265 Salmon Brook Street. Armentano will contact the owner and ask that they walk the property together to discuss the matter.

—Dorcus S. Forsyth, Recording Secretary