Amanda Webster, Democratic candidate for District 62

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Amanda Webster

Amanda Webster appeared on the cover of the Jan. 29 edition of TIME magazine. Of the honor Amanda said, “I am inspired by the women who are alongside me on this journey and am grateful for this lifetime opportunity.”

Amanda has gotten the attention of many residents who want to see a change in their representation, and are eager for a strong voice like Amanda’s to speak for them. This is the second national campaign Amanda has been featured in; in November Amanda was featured in a video (and subsequently led) the article featuring candidates across the nation. Additionally, Amanda is one of the highly selective candidates endorsed by Run For Something, as well as being endorsed nationally by The American Women’s Party and locally by the CT Women’s Political Revolution.

Amanda is an active member of many local grassroots organizations that work for progressive causes, the Democratic Town Committee, Board of Education’s Equity Task Force, and an executive board member for the Granby PTO. Amanda lives in Granby with her husband Brandon, who serves on the Board of Education, and their sons Hank, 6, and Theo, 4.