Humans of Granby

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Environmental Compliance
Administrator for
United Technologies Aerospace
Recent graduate
Villanova University

Age: 24
Tell about your job…

I work for United Technologies. UTC has plants all over the world that build airplane and helicopter parts. My group is set in place to ensure that the parts and equipment they produce are done so with environmentally safe processes. Essentially, we determine that they are following the most up-to-date regulations.
As an example, several members of my group travel to given sites and conduct audits. Recently I traveled to South Dakota to check on waste water compliance at one of the UTC plants. In order to do this I had to do a walk-through of the facility. The water treatment process for some parts involves dipping the electroplated metal part into a tank with chemicals. The waste water from this process must be filtered and the Ph neutralized. After making observations I had to compare what they were doing with the current permit regulations.
The interesting part of the experience was the opportunity to witness the newer technologies being used at the plant. This particular company makes rollers for cargo loading. The little rollers are actually automated so that once a box is placed on them the package can be directed to its destination. They have mock up airplanes and a Chinook helicopter in a large space and you can watch the packages traveling to their proper end places, (like little self-drive cars).
Other sites will have different parts such as huge environmental parts, giant brakes, and tiny sensors made for military vehicles to “see” in fog that I am also able to look at.
Traveling as well appeals to me and though I haven’t yet been to foreign countries, it is likely that next year I will travel to Canada and France. I feel that my work is truly important since UTC is very interested in maintaining its status as a sustainable company. This means maintaining adherence to regulations that foster environmental stewardship and going beyond those standards when possible. Protection of the ecosystems for our generation and future generations is valuable to me.
Tell about diversions that you enjoy…
Recently I actually got together with my friends, some of them from high school years, in order to make a “hobby” list. This way we could encourage each other to find other interests. These days I like to exercise at the gym, take Cozmo, my dog, for long walks, and ski in the winter. The most exciting thing I did recently was to go horseback riding; it was the highlight of my week.
What activities could you do in Granby during the holidays with out of town visitors?
My first thought is to take them to one of the vineyards, probably Lost Acres. A great place for dinner would be Tiger Belly. They serve tasty ramen bowls, different kinds of noodles and sushi all in a friendly atmosphere. Of course, we would probably all wander over to Old Mill Pond Village to do some shopping. This place is a lot of fun during the holidays since it is so beautifully decorated. This year they have a giant “Merry Christmas” sign that lights up and is reflected in the pond in front of the Christmas ornament shop.
Granby, though, is truly at its best in the summer and fall; …especially in the fall when the leaves turn color on the rolling