Stand Down Day 2017 and Foxfield F.A.R.M. Veterans’ Foundation

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On Friday, September 22, Foxfield F.A.R.M. of Granby joined 100 other charity organizations at the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs in Rocky Hill, for its annual Stand Down Day, which has been held since 1992. Initially, this event addressed the issues of homeless veterans, but now it encompasses a broad range of support including medical, dental, legal, career, insurance and social services, among many others and it is enthusiastically attended by 1000 current and former military personnel during the 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. gathering. 

Bill Regan, Vice President of Foxfield F.A.R.M. greets Chuck Leone, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Coordinator for the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs who coordinated Stand Down Day.

Foxfield F.A.R.M. (For A Recovery Mission) enjoyed reaching out and speaking to a multitude of attendees in the Social Services tent, giving Susan and Bill Regan, founders of the 501C3 organization, an opportunity to explain the equine therapy program for veterans with PTSD that is offered free to approved participants on their private farm. The couple’s objective is to not only alleviate issues related with this mental health challenge, but to also reduce domestic violence and the risks associated with opioids aligned with the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, the long-range goal gained through this research is to legislate that this method of therapy be included under the federal health care coverage plan and to establish the organization’s format as a template to expand to other regions of the U.S.
To find out more about the program or make a donation (all donations are tax deductible) see the website