Youth Services Bureau: Fall is here!

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The Youth Service Bureau is looking for local students interested in picking up extra cash helping other community members stay on top of Fall clean ups. Call to register for the Youth Employment Service.
StressRX, a program focused on teaching both relaxation techniques as well as targeted study skills, is still being offered. Check out the YSB website or Facebook page to find the dates the program will be offered throughout the school year.
Takes a Village parent support group will be meeting the fourth Monday of the month. Come share your stories of parenting in the 21st century, Monday, Oct. 23, at 8 p.m.
Additionally, the YSB will offer another Love and Logic workshop series beginning towards the end of October. Again, check the website for specific dates and times!
If your high school student is worrying about community service hours, it is not too late for them to join the T2T peer education program. This is an easy and rewarding way to complete hours and provide a valuable service to the community. Details are available on the website.
As the fall progresses, if your tween is bored and has time on his or her hands, the YSB is launching it’s GO Girls’ Circle and GO Boys’ Council programs. These evidence-based programs explore being a boy or a girl in this society in fun and active ways. Coupled with hikes at Holcomb farm, outside games and enjoyable snacks, it is a great way to explore who we are, how we fit, and where we want to go as we move through life. More details will be posted on the website later this fall with a program launch in November.
The YSB website is