Humans of Granby

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Faith Wheeler
Receptionist/Accounts Payable Clerk–
Tri State Kenworth
Age 45
Tell about yourself…
I have been in Granby for 18 years and in fact live in the same house my husband grew up in. Currently I am working for a Kenworth large truck dealership. Local companies like Beacon, State Line Oil, Pierce Builders and Arrow Concrete drive our trucks.
 I have two older children and like taking long walks. I am very involved in Relay for Life which is a non-profit organization that holds events to secure funds for the American Cancer Society. Soon we will be putting on a concert at Granby high that will feature the acoustic music of Atlas Gray.
My first relay was in 2011, my daughter was on a team for this one and it needed chaperones. Three months after I signed on, I was diagnosed with breast cancer so my motivation for involvement with this cause became significant. An example of one of the events was the Walk around Suffield held on the middle school outdoor track. Stations were located around the track so each team had an area where they could sell items or ask for donations. It was raining the day this event was held so everyone had to move indoors to the gym. Soon after moving indoors, it was time for the survivor’s lap and luminaria ceremony. There was a sea of women in purple tee shirts walking with courage as they passed the luminaria, (white bags with candles/glow sticks), that had been set out around the perimeter of the gym. A projection screen scrolled the names of survivors. It was a very moving tribute and the sons and daughters were sitting on crowded bleachers in tears. I felt a real sense of strength that day and was blessed to have my family there.
Tell about summer plans…
I’d like to spend a weekend on Block Island with my family since my kids haven’t been there yet. My husband and I have wonderful memories of going to Block many years ago. There is plenty to do, especially hiking and biking.
Tell about a great day spent in Granby…
When my kids were little I took them to the Cossitt Library for the annual ice cream social. They must have been about 5 and 8 years old. Tables were set out with board games and, of course, plenty of books. My son loved the book Owl Babies. It was a beautiful sunny day and both the outside grounds and the inside of the building had such charming atmosphere. Just a simple pleasure, but a marvelous memory.
Barbara Porter
Professional Seamstress
Age 60+
Tell about yourself…
I was music major at UNH, lived in Concord and eventually moved to Keene. Here I met my first husband and gave birth to two beautiful daughters. As life moved on, we divorced and I met my second husband Bruce. We lived in Munson, Mass., for four years but then came to Granby, Bruce’s hometown, in 1990. I played the organ at First Church but truly needed extra income. At the time I was also working at Hartt School and one day happened to be wearing a vest with a cat print that I had made for a school function. A professor liked it and wanted one himself, and so my sewing business was born. People contract with me through word-of-mouth references that are nice; my advertising budget is not a huge issue. Currently I’m working on prom gowns. I still play piano and organ but find time for five grandchildren. I love to travel and went to New Brunswick last summer because my mom was born and raised in Canada. My most unusual sewing project was mending a full size teepee. It had to be done in the barn with large needles on a powerful machine.
Tell about summer plans…
This summer I will be traveling to Budapest and Prague on a choir tour sponsored by the Hartt School and Manchester Community College. I also like to go to New Hampshire for a week or so and rent a cottage next to one that my daughter stays in. This way I can spend time and create memories with the grandkids.
Later in the summer I will take my granddaughter to London and Paris. She wants to see the Eiffel Tower, British Museum and a Broadway show in London. We plan to attend a church service in St. Paul’s Cathedral.
 Thankfully, I have very helpful neighbors that look after my house and check in on me too.
Tell about a great day spent in Granby…
Not too long ago I went to a wedding at First Church and the reception was held at Holcomb Farm. It was a beautiful iconic country wedding held right here in town.
I love to kayak. Near the Granby/Simsbury line off of Route 315 there is a great place where I can put my boat in the water. My friend Laura and I paddle in the Farmington River and head towards Tariffville. After an hour or so we find a spot for lunch. Makes for a lovely afternoon.
Kyle Girard
Substitute Elem. Teacher/Voice Coach
Age 24
Tell about yourself…
I have lived in Granby my entire life. Not so long ago I graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in elementary education and vocal performance music. Currently, in addition to substitute teaching, I give piano lessons and train children to sing correctly and powerfully. This includes about seven students ranging in age from 5 to 10. One of my students has a serious desire to be in show business in the future, which is inspiring for me; makes my lessons especially enjoyable.
 As for myself, I have been playing the piano for 19 years and like to play at school between classes whenever the opportunity arises. The Middle School Chamber Singers was my first group experience. More recently in college, I had the opportunity to sing in a concert at Carnegie Hall with the Eastern State Chamber Singers.
My desire is to teach elementary students and have a classroom of my own, but music will continue to play an important role in my life. As for now I am happiest teaching first graders.
Tell about summer plans…
This will be my third summer as a caretaker for two children from a Granby family; a second and a sixth grader. I enjoy taking the kids all over, to the beach, Salmon Brook Park, museums and Six Flags. I would also like to get to Long Island to visit my aunt and uncle.
I am also looking forward to moving into an apartment in Simsbury.
Tell about a great day spent in Granby…
I have had so many great days here in Granby. I like hiking in McLean’s Game Refuge and on the trails off Broad Hill Road near the Granby Tennis Club. The Holcomb Farm trails are another excellent destination for me. One thing I treasure is going to the Memorial Day Parade. My dad used to drive a float in the parade and I have great memories riding on that float and marching with the cub scouts and boy scouts. These days I like the cookout on the town green where I can run into old friends and share stories.
Not too long ago I had a fantastic day in Ellington. My friend’s son is a skydiving instructor and he called me on a sunny, calm day and asked if I’d like to try a jump. It was a lot of fun and definitely worth doing again. Next time though, I’d like to look more at the world below me than at the video cam!