LAFD: It’s brush fire season!

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By Tim Rickis

Did you know that Forest/Wildfire season is upon us? Lost Acres Fire Department wants to keep you safe during brush fire season. Because leaves and grass have not greened yet, there is an abundance of dried-out and exposed materials that are ideal for wildfires. It’s also when residents begin yard cleanup, cookouts and campfires, all of which can easily ignite the dried leaves, twigs and grass.
Granby requires a permit from the Open Burning Official for open burning, and there are conditions attached to that permit that restrict its use when there is an increased potential for degradation of air quality or when the Forest Fire Danger is high or above. Permits are not required for burning wood in a campfire, bonfire, chiminea or other similar device. However, it is prohibited if the burning is conducted so that it creates a nuisance for neighbors.

Granby limits campfires to regular wood, three-inch or smaller diameter, and requires that the fire be located away from nearby structures. No wood pallets, construction debris, painted wood, stained/treated wood, or garbage can be burned in a campfire/bonfire, fire pit, chiminea or other similar device. Complete details on open burning, forest fire danger levels, and other information can be obtained on the DEEP website at
The Lost Acres Fire Department (LAFD) is Granby’s dedicated all-volunteer fire department responsible for 24/7 life and property protection for the town’s 11,000+ residents. It currently operates at an annual tax cost of only about $60 per household.
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